My name is Mike Scroggie and I am the owner of Scrog's Hot Rods. I started in the automotive industry in 1994 as a general automotive mechanic. I had a good understanding of basic auto 101, but not a good understanding of electronic fuel injection. So I taught myself through training books and videos the ins and outs of EFI and in 1996 I then went to work for a small independent repair shop as a drive-ability tech for 7 years.

In 2003 I went to work for Jim Wallace, who owns Wallace Transmotive. He taught me how to build custom cars. I learned how to weld, shape metal, fabricate and do paint and bodywork. He is the reason I am were I am at today. We were doing a custom build on a 49 Ford truck and he made me a offer I could not refuse. He would let me take over the completion of the 49 Ford and start my own shop. So in 2008 I opened Scrog's Hot Rods. It probably wasn't the best time to start a business but the doors are still open and the future is looking good.

JW's 1930 Model A.